Wednesday, September 22, 2010

IPoC - Pull

Working for a health care organization that is trying to transform itself, one thing they are trying to implement is an Integrated Plan of Care (IPoC) for new in-patients to the hospital. This practice has been implemented a the Mayo Clinics as well a number of other hospitals across North America.

One important feature of their implementation is using the idea of "Pull" to draw in the other health care providers in a timely, efficient, and effective basis to both make the outcome of the hospitalization likely, but also to control the costs (such as reducing the length of stay).

Unfortunately, most hospitals still function from a "Push" perspective. They model, analyze, and predict what resources are most likely to be needed and budget for them on this basis. In the end there is usually too few resource most of the time. There is little, if any, flexibility to ensure the timeliness, efficiency, and effectiveness of the service delivery.

What do you do if you implement an Integrated Plan of Care and there are no professional staff to meet the needs identified? Is the organization really ready to move from a Push perspective to a Pull one?


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